Watch: Rick Perry Gets Everything Wrong About U.S. History In 2 Minutes

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rick perry


Rick Perry is the gift that keeps on giving! His presidential announcement speech was, arguably, the worst of all time. Not only did he get everything wrong about U.S. History in the short video below, but he also argued, with a straight face, that “We survived Jimmy Carter, We’ll Survive Barack Obama!”


The 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Clown Car is on a shameless death march to convince the uneducated Republican right-wing evangelical base that President Obama has destroyed America. The effortlessly link ISIS, Sharia Law, Islam, Iraq, and Healthcare into an intricate web that somehow kills jobs and makes us less free.


At Democratic Memes we pride ourselves on our ability to identify humor as a silver lining to the ridiculous things that Republicans say and believe. Every time Rick Perry speaks it’s like Christmas morning for us. His speeches are a treasure trove of nonsensical right-wing rhetoric.


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