Watch: Lincoln Chafee Blasts Hillary Clinton “Too Hawkish…Decades Of Questionable Ethical Practices”

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Chafee bashes Clinton on war, promotes metric system


Former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee came out swinging today in an interview with Chris Cuomo on CNN.


Gov. Chafee said of Secretary Clinton and her husband President Clinton that the couple has, “A long record going back over decades of questionable ethical practices.” Gov. Chafee also went on to say that there are “Too many ethical questions,” surrounding Hillary¬†Clinton and that this perception of untrustworthiness will be difficult for her to overcome.


Now many of you may be saying, “Who is Lincoln Chafee?” Lincoln Chafee is a former Governor, Senator, and Mayor of the second largest city in Rhode Island. His father, John Chafee, is a historic political figure in Rhode Island’s history serving as a longtime Senator and two term Governor. Senator John Chafee was also a WWII veteran and former Secretary of the Navy.


Hailing from a polished political pedigree, it was not a surprise when Lincoln Chafee began a career in public service. Gov. Chafee, a Brown University graduate, was the only Republican in the U.S. Senate to vote against the 2003 Iraq War. He became an Independent after losing a 2006 re-election campaign to Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, and in 2012 made headlines by becoming a Democrat and giving a rousing speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.


While many may view Gov. Chafee’s attack on Sec. Clinton as “Too hawkish” was harsh and perhaps sharply worded, his credentials on foreign policy are quite substantial and perhaps second only to Sec. Clinton in the Democratic Primary field.


What are your thoughts? Do you support Gov. Chafee’s comments on the Clinton’s “Questionable ethical decisions” or do you think he was too harsh? Share your comments below.




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