Watch: CNN Host Destroys Islamophobe Pamela Geller With One Question

Watch: CNN Host Destroys Islamophobe Pamela Geller With One Question

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CNN Host Chris Cuomo Destroyed A Bigot With One Question: Does not saying the N-Word violate your freedom of speech?


I’ve paraphrased Cuomo’s question but the crux of the logic is the same: Bigoted Islamophobes like Pamela Geller believe that they should be allowed to say whatever they want, whenever they want, regardless of the consequences, or else it is a violation of Free Speech.


Cuomo raises an interesting point by drawing an analogy to the N-word: Just because we don’t say it doesn’t mean that our freedom of speech is being infringed, we still have the legal right to say the N-word, but we choose not to because we understand how hateful and historically-loaded it is as a word.


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Geller has one of those debating styles that you used when you were 10 years old: resorting to dramatic hyperbole at every turn. When Cuomo asserted that her hateful anti-Islam rallies are perceived as offensive she responded: “So anyone who opposes Jihad terror and Sharia is an Islamophobe?”
Why are these Tea Party bigots so terrified of Sharia Law in the United States? Seriously? Geller accuses the Media of supporting Sharia Law by criticizing Geller’s hate speech. “They’re trying to impose the Sharia,” is a statement that Geller repeated time and again. She really believes this stuff! It’s just absolutely ridiculous to accuse Cuomo of “Submitting to Sharia” for suggesting that Geller curtail her anti-Islam rhetoric.


What are your thoughts?


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