Why We Should All Pay Close Attention to Bernie Sanders

Why We Should All Pay Close Attention to Bernie Sanders
Bernie sanders announced he will be climbing out of his cabin somewhere deep in the Vermont wilderness–where he lives off the wild, rarely showers, and participates in other far left activities–to announce he will be running for president.
He has already committed that a focal point of his campaign will be (SURPRISE) the environment, a commitment which has not been emphasized by a candidate in this type of manner since Al Gore ran for President in 2000. If elected the type of legislation that Sen. Sanders would push would be revolutionary in the United States where our characteristically wasteful tendencies have caused us to be one of the biggest contributors in the world to global warming. America’s deleterious effect upon the environment will detrimentally affect our lives over the coming decades, especially those of us who are just preparing to vote, as we have a good 60 years or more left to breath uncontaminated air and drink from rapidly depleting water sources.
As a first time voter and fellow New Englander, it is easy and, ok, a little funny to remark on Sen. Sander’s overall crunchiness and joke that the two of us may have a great time backpacking. The truth of the matter is that Sen. Sander’s platform seems to be different from the rest of the field. We have seen, time and time again, candidates break foreign policy promises and fail to deliver on pledges to stimulate the economy and create millions of well paying jobs for the Middle Class. So perhaps a new kind of economic development would be a good change–one where we invest in our home, in our air, and our water.
So pay attention to Bernie Sanders! Don’t pay any attention to the comics, the disbelievers, or those out there who just dislike Sen. Sanders’ overall crunchiness if you believe, as I do, that climate change needs to be taken seriously. As a general rule of thumb, a candidate like Sen. Sanders will be perceived as a long shot; however, his ideas on the environment, economic inequality, and critical investments in our infrastructure need to be taken seriously.
Hope you enjoyed my first blog post! Stay tuned for more great content from Democratic Memes and RIDem!
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