Watch: Fox Host “Black Lives Only Matter When They Are Killed By White Cops”

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Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera:
“Black Lives Only Matter When They Are Killed By White Cops!”


Where do we begin? Well we all have heard the common bait and switch that Fox News Republicans throw out whenever there is massive media attention around unjust police brutality against African American men: What about all the black on black crime? Yes, because blacks killing blacks is totally relevant to the civil rights uprising against police brutality and injustices structurally embedded within our criminal justice system.

These strawman arguments by conservatives are an attempt to divert attention away from the plague of white cops killing innocent young black men. Conflating black on black crime, or black gang members killing black gang members, with the likes of Eric Garner, Freddie Gay, and Michael Brown is just flat out ignorance, plain and simple. They are two totally separate issues that Republican like to mix up to get the public distracted from the real racial injustices taking place in our name, with our tax dollars. Why is half of the prison population black when only 13% of Americans are black?

Many believe that the Prison Industrial Complex is “The New Jim Crow.” We would have to agree. When 1 in 3 black men are either in jail, on parole, or previously locked-up we have a problem in our society. Most of this is due to the War On Drugs which disproportionately criminalizes drug use by minorities even though statistically drug use is analogous among all racial and ethnic groups.

So sorry Geraldo: You’re wrong! Black lives do matter, they always matter, and to muddy the waters by implying that civil rights activists only care about black lives when they’re killed by white cops is a tremendous insult. There are tens of thousands of activists hard at work in this country, day and night, to solve the problems of poverty, drug use, and joblessness in our urban communities. Shame on you Geraldo for ignoring them and implying that those who protest police brutality are somehow opportunists. You’re just wrong…again!

I’m beginning to think Fox News pays Geraldo to be wrong on a regular basis.¬†What are your thoughts?




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