Fox Host: U.S. Kids Joining ISIS Because Of Multiculturalism

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U.S. Kids Find The Islamic State Appealing Because Of Multiculturalism


They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but I’m pretty sure that bullshit grows on trees given how frequently Fox News parades ignorant hosts on national television and allows them to spew hateful, idiotic right-wing rhetoric.

Case in point: The video below shows a ridiculous FOX NEWS panel on ISIS recruitment efforts in the U.S. Come on, do you really think that a nation that is 70% self-identified Christian (according to a recent Pew poll) is suddenly vulnerable to a mass conversion to radical Islam? Give me a break. This is just more Fox News fear-mongering and hate-mongering that keeps old white people up at night shaking their fist at the TV.

To make matters worse, these ignorant talking heads on Fox News are trying to say that “multiculturalism” has created an environment where American teenagers aren’t “Reinforced that they belong to this country.” Bull shit alert! How is the celebration of the rich, diverse tapestry of American society somehow to related to ISIS? Multiculturalism doesn’t celebrate hateful, violent ideologies like those espoused by ISIS. Multiculturalism doesn’t propagate a narrative that America is an imperialist nation.

In fact, I’d challenge every member of this FOX NEWS panel to define multiculturalism because I’m pretty sure they can’t. If this was Final Jeopardy and the question was “What is Multiculturalism?” I’m pretty sure their answers would be some variation of “Obama is a Muslim.”

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