Breaking: Substitute Teacher Whips Students With Belt

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Substitute Teacher Whips Students With Belt, Maryland


This is just shocking folks. We had to share this because we wanted to provoke a discussion on violence against minors.

It is a sad day when taxpayers dollars go to fund public school teacher substitutes who use this kind of violence in the classroom. While the video does disclose that the police have made this a criminal investigation and the substitute could potentially do jail time.

Public education is predominately funded at the local level by property taxes. This means that low income neighborhoods often have the worst schools because they cannot afford the best teachers, learning materials, or technology/infrastructure. Often these districts are understaffed and the teaching ranks are quite thin. These schools rely on substitute teachers to fill the education gap when teachers are out sick or on leave.

It is shameful to think that a substitute teacher would behave like this and resort to unlawful corporal punishment with these poor students.

What are your thoughts on violence against minors.



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