Watch: Baltimore “Feels Like We’re In A Concentration Camp”

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Reverend Bryant, a vocal non-violent, faith-based protest leader in the #BaltimoreUprising has shared a shocking revelation that the level of police and military presence, along with the curfew, makes people “Feel like we’re in a concentration camp.”

It is terrible and alarming that the level of unrest in Baltimore has drawn comparisons to the Holocaust. What are your thoughts and perspectives?

Personally, we feel that the best hope for the situation lies in a rapid deescalation of both military and civilian forces. This level of instability in a major U.S. city, less than 50 miles from Washington, D.C., cannot continue to fester. It is not healthy for us as a nation. On the other hand, the level of frustration in urban inner-city environments coupled with the dearth of public trust and accountability in the police needs to give birth to a productive public dialogue on issues of institutionalized racism and criminal justice reform.

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