Anti-Gay Legislator Caught Sending Nude Pictures on Grindr

Anti-Gay Legislator Caught Sending Nude Pictures on Grindr

Anti-Gay Legislator Caught Sending Nude Pictures on Grindr |

This week the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on gay marriage. This is great news for the march towards marriage equality. My prediction is that in June, marriage will be ruled as a civil right and will be legal nationwide. But on the state level there is still a long way to go in certain places, and this won’t be cleared up by this case. The North Dakota House voted down a bill this session that would make housing discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity illegal. That story can be found here. Randy Boehning, a 52-year-old Republican from Fargo, ND voted against the bill. It’s not shocking that an old Republican would vote against this, it is sad though. What makes this more sad is that this past week it was discovered that Rep. Boehning was on Grindr, a dating app for gay men similar to Tinder, with the screen name “TopMan!”.  A 21-year-old Bismarck man brought this forward, along with the naked pictures that Boehning sent the man. This leads me to two thoughts.


  1. I feel bad for Boehning. Coming out should be a person’s choice. It happening this abruptly is really sad.
  2. My second thought is that I don’t feel bad for him. He wanted this job. He chose to be a leader and he is obviously incapable of that. He is such a douchebag, that the Fargo Forum reported that his thoughts on housing discrimination have not changed.


“Asked whether he would be personally concerned about being discriminated against in the areas of housing, workplace or public accommodation, Boehning, who lives in a rented Fargo apartment, said landlords have the right to do as they see fit.”



If Boehning cannot be a leader with this issue, then he should resign. You should email Boehning at [email protected]. You should say two things in this email; offer support and encouragement for coming out, and you should also call for him to resign. He ran for this position to be a leader, and he obviously can’t. He is incapable of doing his job. While you are at it, email House Majority Leader Al Carlson, [email protected], a major opponent of the bill, and tell him to stop the hate and the bigotry.



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